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Cox Internet Service: Being the Best in Las Vegas

Cox Authorized Retailer in Las Vegas Located at 6115 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV 89103 is conveniently local in the same town that it serves it locals in. This is why you should choose cox for your local internet, cable or home phone service because unlike the competitors, when you have an issue you can actually go into the store and speak with a live person. Not a telephone representative hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Cox offers a variety of services from broadband high speed internet to cable packages. There high speed internet packages can reach speeds up to . They also offer a home security option that can be a real life saver and it is really easy to Setup Cox Service in Las Vegas

Setup Cox Communications Service in Las Vegas has never been easier. Simply Call: 702-221-2359 directly to set up services in your home or even for your line of business. You can even sign up and order new services online

Cox is always ready and willing to help all customers with any and every issue that may arise. This is why you can get tech support 24/7 even when the retail store office hors are closed. You are not confined to only the store because Cox has a 1-800 number as well

Las Vegas Cox Store offers equipment, accessories, internet product demos, and the expertise to answer any and all of your questions

Cox really cares about their customers and that is why right now they are offering free unlimited long distance calls to the British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico just to name a few.

There local team is ready to help you with outages, speed tests, cox emails, mini oxes and much more

You can even watch TV on the go with their new watch TV online option featured on their webpage. The cox store in Las Vegas is full of people who are willing and ready to help you. When you enter the store you will be greeted with a warm and loving smile that is so inviting you will feel like family. The staff really take their time explaining any solutions and they do not make you feel rushed. They are specially trained to handle hectic situations and tech issues. They are some of the friendliest staff in the entire town and they take pride in the way they treat their customers and the way they are viewed through the public eyes. They have been known to give all their employees a great work life balance and they have great review on glass door. The employees are happy which means the customers will be too. it is a trickle down effect that works every time.

A lot of competitors are around but the difference is that they do not offer a store for their customers to stop in and get help personally. This could make a world of difference for somebody who does not want to experience long wait times and would rather feel like a human than another number. There are many customers who come in the store and they actually know their client base just from being in the neighborhood and it actually makes a big difference in sales and in client reviews. Who would you rather buy service from? Somebody over the phone from a commercial that you have seen or would you rather buy it from a local cox store.